When people talk about physiotherapy they usually think about someone getting a professional massage for their back pain. Well, it is not only about treating back pain with massage, there is a lot more to it that you think. A very popular treatment that can usually heal all kinds of small injuries is actually a physiotherapy exercise. That’s right, there are special exercises that you need to do over and over until you get better.

These exercises are nothing like you have done before, most of them are based on some stretches that will pull your muscles in a way they can relax completely. Just as massage is all about relaxing the muscles, that’s how these exercises are working on your body. Their goal is to relax the body that way the pain will alleviate. post2aThe reason why you have to repeat these exercises a few times is that they cannot act immediately, the relief that you get might last just a couple of hours. However, if you do them every day for a month, the changes can be permanent.


A lot of people don’t know about this, but acupuncture is actually used in physiotherapy because it has shown incredible results with patients. Usually, acupuncture is used with patients who have sore muscles because it is very good for relieving pain from specific areas of the body. In order to get the proper acupuncture treatment, you have to visit a professional, you cannot do this at your home. It may sound easy, just puncture the skin with some needles, but you are wrong, it takes many years of practice to learn the technique.

Also, the equipment, the needles they are working with are very special, they will only penetrate the first few layers of your skin, this way you won’t even feel anything. This type of treatment is becoming more and more popular because it shows incredible results in a very short amount of time. post2bJust like with any other physiotherapy treatment, you also need few acupuncture treatments before you can feel the difference.

Deep Tissue Massage

As mentioned most people connect physiotherapy with massage and there is a good reason for that. A big part of physiotherapy is built around massage, but not just any kind of massage, the deep tissue massage that can heal some very serious injuries. Don’t think about this as going to a chiropractor because it is a completely different treatment. The chiropractor will put your bones into place if you have injured your back or hips, but deep tissue massage is designed to relax the muscles in a very special way, so they can recover much faster.